Lee Fold Farm

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About us

We are a small 4.5 acre family run farm situated in Blackrod, Bolton. We breed pedigree Tamworth pigs and Shetland Ponies amongst other small farm animals such as Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys.

Meet the team

Our team consists of 6 key members who all play a role in the day to day running of the farm:


The Nanna of the farm who never misses a day. Keeps the rest of the family in check and loves Chickens.


The Mum. Can usually be found brushing her horses or entertaining the baby.


The uncontrollable Dad. Loves pigs and starting projects he never finishes. Usually covered in mud and pig poo.


The eldest. Helps out with all jobs on the farm not always to his liking. Prevents his sister from causing too much trouble.


The crazy daughter. Climbs trees, digs up worms and rolls around in mud. Lilly is the crazy kid of the family and longs to be a YouTube star.


The farm baby. Gets carried around by mum and shouts at all the animals. Probably going to be another Lilly when she’s older.

Shetland Ponies

After a change in direction with breeding Shetland ponies we now currently have a small growing herd of SPSBS standard Shetland Ponies.

The herd will continue to grow with new foals arriving every year. We aim to add more quality brood mares to our Lee Fold Farm.

Rare Breed Tamworth Pigs

We also breed Pedigree Rare Breed Tamworth Pigs. Currently we have 3 registered Sows and a registered Boar. We sell a few of the Pedigree Gilts from each litter to move on and continue their rare bloodlines. 

The remaining pigs are reared outdoors on our farm to produce high quality rare breed Pork.

From a hobby to a small business.

What started out as a hobby has now expanded into a small family business producing great tasting products alongside great quality livestock. Visit our online Farm Shop to try our premium pork and take a look at our other products.