Lee Fold Farm

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Pedigree Tamworth Pigs

The Tamworth is considered Britain’s oldest pure breed. They are currently defined as vulnerable on the rare breed survival trust watch list with only 200 – 300 breeding Sows in the country.

The Tamworth is a slow maturing breed taking much longer than commercial pigs to achieve the ideal weight but are known for producing high quality great tasting pork.

Lee Fold Farm is currently home to 3 Pedigree Tamworth bloodlines. 1 Golden Ranger Boar, 1 Melody Sow and 2 Princess Sows.

Why buy rare breed Tamworth Pork?

Buying rare breed helps the conservation of the Tamworth breed. All our breeding pigs are registered with the British Pig Association. From every litter we take 2 of the best girls that fit the breed standard and register them as pedigree. These 2 pedigree piglets then go on to become breeding sows on other farms.

Not only does buying rare breed Tamworth pork conserve the breed but they also taste amazing. Not like any pork you have tasted before.